1016 Industries x Inozetek Sale Details

Welcome to the details page for the 1016 Industries x Inozetek Sale. We look forward to assisting you in completing your build from carbon to vinyl and installation! 


Any customer to order a full kit from a 1016 & Inozetek U.S.A. authorized dealer, between January 15th, 2023 and February 15th, 2023, will receive the following upon completing their purchase. 

  1. Any in stock roll of film from Inozetek U.S.A
  2. A $1,000 install credit towards the installation of parts and film.

(Full Kit is defined as any sum of parts with a retail value of or over $18,590).

Please note this deal is available exclusively through 1016 Industries and Inozetek Dealers. For questions regarding a local dealer please contact:

Graeme Howe:

(781) 635-9685


Greg English

(818) 987-2920