Product Disclaimer

By purchasing this product the consumer has researched the pros and cons or modifying their vehicle with aftermarket carbon fiber. Customer understands that modifying their car bares certain risks of damage to their vehicle, and both parties understand and agree to hold 1016 Industries Inc. harmless of liability from installation and use of this product. 

The dealer/consumer is not absolved of responsibility by means of ignorance and is hereby informed. By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all responsibility and consequences. 

Aftermarket car parts are considered special order, and not returnable without written consent by 1016 Industries. Dealers are responsible for providing product disclosures/terms and conditions to their consumers. 

Post installation of this product may require troubleshooting/diagnostics. Components and sensors near the limit of their wear tolerance may need replacement. 1016 Industries Inc. is not responsible for troubleshooting, diagnostic costs or consequential cost. The purchaser/reseller assumes the risks of modifying a used vehicle and educating themselves on the common traits of their platform. It is the reseller’s responsibility to educate the end user of these terms and conditions. 


I HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, and FOREVER DISCHARGE 1016 Industries Inc., and its owners, agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors, and assigns (collectively, “the Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages, and liabilities, of any and every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I have or may have, arising from or in any way related to any of the products or services provided by the Released Parties.